‘Tis the season for holiday festivities in the workplace…

Here are our Top 8 Holiday Green Tips to help you celebrate the holidays while reducing your impact on the environment.


1. Plan A Zero Waste Office Party

Instead of using disposable cutlery and plates, serve food with reusable dishware. Ask food caterers if they provide non-disposable dishware for catered functions that they collect afterward for dishwashing and reuse. Alternatively, ask co-workers to bring their own cutlery, containers, and mugs.


2. Carpool To Holiday Parties

Is your workplace planning an offsite holiday get-together or party? Arrange for carpooling among your co-workers to help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.


3. Send More E-Cards, Less Paper Cards

Sending greeting cards electronically, or e-cards, is one of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of waste produced this season. If you are still sending paper cards, look to use cards made with recycled content.


4. Reusable & Recyclable Gift Wrapping

Give gifts in reusable gift bags and gift boxes, ideally in the ones you received and saved from previous years. Alternatively, wrap presents in paper made with recycled content and that is recyclable. Remember, if non-recyclable material like shiny, foil or laminated wrapping paper is put into recycling bins meant for recycling paper products, it can make an entire load unrecyclable.


5. Go Green With Gifts

Give green holiday gifts by shopping for eco-friendly gifts at locally-owned stores or purchasing items from retailers who donate a portion of their profits to support environmental causes.


6. Put Up LED Holiday Lighting

If you plan on including holiday lighting in your office decorations, use LED lighting as it is 90% more energy efficient than the traditional, incandescent lights.


7. Power Down When Taking Time Off

Before leaving the office for the holidays, remember to turn off your computer, monitor, desk lighting, and any other office equipment to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.


8. Let Us Help You Go “green” This Holiday Season 

We can plan a festive, green holiday awareness event for your occupants.

We can tour your office space to assess greening opportunities and recommend a best strategy.

We can lend our expertise in recycling and waste management to enhance your current program.

Contact us!

Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season!

Yours truly, CD SONTER