Congratulations 2015 RACE TO REDUCE Award Winners

CivicAction’s Race to Reduce was a four-year (2011 to 2015) challenge for office buildings across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to reduce energy use. As a unique greening initiative, Race to Reduce promoted smart energy use in office buildings through collaboration between tenants and landlords. It garnered a participation rate of 42% of the commercial office space in the region (196 buildings representing more than 69 million square feet).

The 2015 Race to Reduce Awards were held on Thursday, November 5th at the Toronto Region Board of Trade to recognise and award the top performing buildings and landlord-tenant collaborators over the 4-year race. In addition to recognising the top performers, the collective energy reduction from all participants in Race to Reduce was celebrated as the four-year 10% target was exceeded by close to 193 million ekWh or 12.1%.

CD SONTER congratulates all award winners and participants as the challenge crosses the finish line in its final year. We applaud their success in energy reductions that was achieved from their tenant-landlord collaboration and leadership.

2015 Race To Reduce Award Winners
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Team Excellence Awards for excellence in energy reduction efforts that come with active and sustained landlord-tenant collaboration across the four years of the Race (2011-2014)

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