Our Solutions

We engage occupants with meaningful, thought-provoking events that leave a lasting impact. Creatively, we educate, motivate, and increase program participation. Our events encourage conversation around current environmental challenges and possible solutions. We host environmentally-themed training seminars, workshops, and events to engage your tenants, staff, and visitors. An event can range from one hour to an entire week. After the event, we provide a summary report along with a certificate of completion for all workshops and training seminars.

Occupant and staff participation is integral to successful sustainability objectives. Our professional training team can improving engagement, awareness, and results through our dynamic training programs tailored to each project.

A waste audit measures the amount and type of waste generated by a building. It quantifies current performance and identifies ways to improve your diversion rate and reduce waste. A waste reduction work plan is a practical strategy developed to improve your diversion rate and reduce waste, based on the waste audit’s results. Our team has completed thousands of waste audits and waste reduction work plans. We are third party waste management experts dedicated to providing accurate results and cost effective solutions. 

As an objective third party, we invite service providers to bid on the removal and disposal of the property’s or portfolio’s waste and recycling. The entire process is transparent as we are not affiliated with any service provider, nor are we a broker. Our only vested interest is to our clients.

Our practical solutions address inefficiencies, potential issues, and excessive costs within current waste management systems. We manage the entire process encompassing implementation, equipment sourcing, installation, and employee training.

We perform Level 1 energy and water audits, alternatively called a simple audit, a screening audit, or a walk-through audit. We also perform indoor air quality inspections, testing, and air monitoring.

Green building certifications and awards improve marketability, occupant recruitment, retention rates, and relations with the community. Our team of certification specialists manage the process from start to finish and deliver superior results efficiently and comprehensively. We also offer services such as energy, water, and air quality audits for certification programs as well as environmental policies development.